Tuesday, July 9, 2013

and THIS is why I'm so in love with little houses!

Our first home wasn't big by any means but it was super tall and we were all spread out. The lofted area was where the girls playroom was while the kitchen, dinning room and living room where I worked were on the main level. The bedrooms were upstairs together but not facing each other so even though the girls were in the room next to us we were never connected.

The first thing I noticed after a week of being in this house was how connected my family felt. We have two levels again but the basement is the basement, mostly storage even though technically there's bedroom and bathroom down there, laundry too. We all spend all of our time upstairs and in the yard. The girls bedroom is right across the hall from us and when I finally go to bed I see them, sleeping in their beds. We have conversations with each other at night from our beds. It's amazing. When they play, they bring their toys from room to room but it's all cozy and connected. When I work (from my dinning room table) I'm right in the living room too, I can see the kitchen and hear the girls playing, even if they're a back room.

Something about little houses. Everything I always wanted in a small simple space. This is all I ever want.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

happy 4th of july!!!!

We have had an awesome 4th of july! We went to Richfield's parade (seriously the girls first parade) and they LOVED it......filled backpacks with candy, I had no idea they gave out so much! It was hot but fun.

The girls and Royce and I played in the sprinkler and snugged inside the house. We had a busy 3rd of july!

Amy, Uncle Chad, Amelia, Haley and one of their friends came with us to the bloomington fireworks on the 3rd. We had a fire and bbq before hand. It was a blast!! We are all planning on a new tradition of this every year. Amy snapped a few pictures (below). Rasa thought the fireworks were "magic" and Adia loved Mimi's smore's snack mix and mini donuts and of course the show. The girls insisted on wearing their princess dresses and they danced in the park almost the entire time. It was SO.MUCH.FUN.