Thursday, September 27, 2012

the things they say....

After Adia's nap (Rasa was still asleep) she came out and asked if she could watch Baby Signing Time. She handed me the dvd and I told her it was way to scratched up for it to work to which she replied, "Lets just find a man to fix it for us!".


Me, "WHAT?! Why would we need a man to fix it for us?!"

About five minutes later, after I had regained consciousness I told Adia to repeat after me, "women make the world go round."

She giggled and said, "Momma, what's that all about?!"

Oh lord help me.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

the contrast in humanity.....

You've probably heard me talk about my aversion to little critters before, and also their attraction to me. So I'm outside sitting about five feet from my garage when out dances a big fat mouse. He stops, looks up right at me and than prances back into my garage. GROSS!!! I run inside, tell the girls they are not allowed in the garage until we kill the mouse that's squatting in there. Our garage is old school, just studs and beams and no where for little mouse man to hide so I know when Royce gets home he can remedy the situation swiftly.

Adia exclaims: We have to put peanut butter on a trap and KILL IT!!!!!

Rasa looking perturbed: No Adia, he's our friend. Mouse is our friend. We can't kill it.


Me: I'm with Adia on this one. That mouse has to die. They are filthy and disgusting.

Rasa: but we need to just give it a chance. We need to say goodbye mouse and ask him to leave.

Adia: We have to KILL IT!

Me: Ok, Rasa thinks we need to ask the mouse to leave and give it a chance to go, Adia wants to kill it. I'll think about both of your suggestions and make a decision.

Both girls smiling like they've "won"

That bastard is as good as dead.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

shopping with three year olds.....

The girls are very particular about their clothes. Shopping trips to the store for clothes always ends up in them picking items I would NEVER buy (at prices I don't want to pay) and we leave with one or two things I didn't want to get just to save ourselves from carrying out two crying kids. Example.....the last trip to Old Navy we made we only went because I needed to get them sized and then planned on buying everything for (much) cheaper at their online store. Online if you purchase two of the same style you get a discount. Well....after fighting tooth and nail to get them to try pants on so I could see their size we left with a hot pink Hello Kitty dress and a blue Hello Kitty t-shirt (blech).

So tonight I'm online shopping for their winter wardrobe and the girls are excited about the things I picked out for each of them. The nice thing about shopping online is that I can choose the items they can pick from (all of my favorites hahaha) and they can tell me if they'll wear it or not.

Of course the thought never crossed my mind that 3 year olds have zero concept of time and when I told them their clothes would arrive in a week they didn't get it.....which is why every five minutes for the last hour Adia's asked, "are they here yet?!" How long will it take for her to forget all about them?!

everyday things....big girls!

Friday, September 7, 2012

cookies for corrie....

The girls idol and babysitter who lived across the street moved all the way to Rochester last weekend. It was very sad and hard to explain to the girls. They LOVE Sam. They want to be like Sam. Everyday they would wait for Sam. She came by and said goodbye, played dress up and watched part of a movie with them. We explained to them that we would see her again but that she moved, like we did, far away and her house is now someone else's, much like ours.

Two doors down is Corrie. She's in her late 60's, lives with her Husband and is SO cool. Everyone loves Corrie. She's like Martha Stewart, up at the crack of dawn and ALWAYS and I mean ALWAYS working around her yard (which is nothing short of a wonderland), biking, walking, washing her car, up a latter trimming her enormous get the picture. She had a garage sale last week and the girls and Royce stopped by. She gave the girls some cool handmade dolls and Rasa has been talking about her ever since.

This morning Rasa woke up early and saw Corrie working in her yard from the window. She jumped up, put her clothes on and told me she was going to talk to Corrie. Rasa has a thing for older people. She doesn't like kids but she loves anyone who looks like a Gramma :) Adia was still sleeping so I stood on the front steps, told her to go and watched for 45 minutes while Rasa swept up almost enough courage to walk up to Corrie's door. Two steps forward, turn around, one step back. I finally hollered to Corrie that Rasa wanted to say good morning. Corrie said, "Well hello there! Good Morning!" Rasa came running home without so much as a word to Corrie. An hour later she wanted to try again. The same thing transpired, back in the house we went. Adia woke up and Rasa coaxed her to go with her. Hand in hand the two of them walked up and greeted Corrie. She brought them to her sunflower garden and showed them the flowers. My little girls came running home with handfuls of marigolds Corrie had let them pick.

The rest of the afternoon all they wanted to do was watch Corrie, visit Corrie, "what is Corrie doing in der?" "Where's Corrie?!".

Rasa asked if we could bake cookies for Corrie and bring them over to which I said yes. When we went to Target this afternoon she rememerbed and said we have to get stuff to make cookies for Corrie.

After dinner I baked cookies. Rasa watched them cook in the oven and the second I pulled them out told me to hurry up because she had to bring them to Corrie. This time I had Royce walk them over. I heard Corrie shout from across the street, "Oh my goodness!" when Rasa handed her the plate. They are still there visiting. Corrie assured me the girls could come over ANYTIME. I wonder if she has any idea what that means? Hahaha

Part of me wants to protect them and keep them from getting attached to Corrie because they are listing their house soon too so they can downsize. That's about me though. Keeping them from making a friend and having a friend, even for a short time, is wrong and the joy they seem to get out of each other is priceless no matter how long is lasts. Plus, sometimes you just never know.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

the art of falling short....

Sometimes I sit and just for a split second my mind brings me a sweet bit of info I don't want to forget. It doesn't happen often (ha!) but when it does it's nice to know the hamsters in there turning the wheels haven't died off altogether!

I was thinking about perfect parenting and then it came to me! A perfect parent is one that is not perfect! How can we teach our kids to cope with life if we don't have issues, shortcomings, failures, bad days etc that they see and watch us climb out of the trenches of? It's liberating to think that I can be myself, my true self and be a better parent to my girls than if I was trying so hard to do everything right, especially because that wouldn't be right at all. See what I'm saying? ;)

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

cabin trip 2012

So we waited the entire summer to get up to my parents cabin with the girls and FINALLY we made it! We had planned much earlier in the summer but I kept booking weekend sessions forgetting to block of vacation time!

We had a wonderful, wonderful trip for four days. The girls were SO excited to go that they didn't even want to stop and get out of the car on the six and a half hour drive up there! Every time we would stop they would get mad! DRASTIC change from years previous when they would cry in the car the entire trip!

This year was also different because the girls (especially Rasa) were so excited to be there they were taking everything in with pure joy and excitement and at age three and a half it was the first time up there we were able to relax and let them play and explore without worry of them getting into instant trouble!

Jess and Weston came up and spent the day and the kids played and had fun while we visited and enjoyed the sun, the boat and the beach. It was an amazing day!

The weather couldn't have been more perfect. It was around 80 and sunny the entire time.

The beach
jumping off the dock
boat rides
rhino rides
hikes with flower picking
apple martini's ;)
watching lucy swim and lifeguard everyone else who jumped in the lake!
sleeping in
going to bed early
grandparents time
quiet time
no phone! no internet!
the amazing view from the cabin
lots of sun
lots of swimming!
chappy rides
royce kayaking (even if it did end with lucy trying to save him, causing him to tip over in the lake!)
royce fishing off the dock at dark while the girls watched with Nana

Thanks Mom and Dad for cooking, for washing all of the dishes, for stuffing my babies with scrambled eggs at 9 pm, for grandpa's licorice treats and lemon cookies, for enduring two plus hours of The Incredibles movie, for the caterpillar lessons, for allowing the screen door to be slammed, for giving my kids a place to fall in love with the woods and with nature in an even better way than I did as a kid.
Love you!

We cannot wait to get up there next year! I have to admit getting back into things here in the city was almost a painful process yesterday and today. Royce goes back to work tomorrow and we get back into our weekday rhythm, that I'm realizing needs some tweaking again. We need more quiet in our lives. More time unplugged. More time not working, not replying, not getting back to clients instantly from my phone, my laptop, facebook etc. More quiet. Lots and lots more quiet.

We love the city but we need simplicity here and I do know for a fact that it is indeed possible.

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