Wednesday, September 5, 2012

cabin trip 2012

So we waited the entire summer to get up to my parents cabin with the girls and FINALLY we made it! We had planned much earlier in the summer but I kept booking weekend sessions forgetting to block of vacation time!

We had a wonderful, wonderful trip for four days. The girls were SO excited to go that they didn't even want to stop and get out of the car on the six and a half hour drive up there! Every time we would stop they would get mad! DRASTIC change from years previous when they would cry in the car the entire trip!

This year was also different because the girls (especially Rasa) were so excited to be there they were taking everything in with pure joy and excitement and at age three and a half it was the first time up there we were able to relax and let them play and explore without worry of them getting into instant trouble!

Jess and Weston came up and spent the day and the kids played and had fun while we visited and enjoyed the sun, the boat and the beach. It was an amazing day!

The weather couldn't have been more perfect. It was around 80 and sunny the entire time.

The beach
jumping off the dock
boat rides
rhino rides
hikes with flower picking
apple martini's ;)
watching lucy swim and lifeguard everyone else who jumped in the lake!
sleeping in
going to bed early
grandparents time
quiet time
no phone! no internet!
the amazing view from the cabin
lots of sun
lots of swimming!
chappy rides
royce kayaking (even if it did end with lucy trying to save him, causing him to tip over in the lake!)
royce fishing off the dock at dark while the girls watched with Nana

Thanks Mom and Dad for cooking, for washing all of the dishes, for stuffing my babies with scrambled eggs at 9 pm, for grandpa's licorice treats and lemon cookies, for enduring two plus hours of The Incredibles movie, for the caterpillar lessons, for allowing the screen door to be slammed, for giving my kids a place to fall in love with the woods and with nature in an even better way than I did as a kid.
Love you!

We cannot wait to get up there next year! I have to admit getting back into things here in the city was almost a painful process yesterday and today. Royce goes back to work tomorrow and we get back into our weekday rhythm, that I'm realizing needs some tweaking again. We need more quiet in our lives. More time unplugged. More time not working, not replying, not getting back to clients instantly from my phone, my laptop, facebook etc. More quiet. Lots and lots more quiet.

We love the city but we need simplicity here and I do know for a fact that it is indeed possible.

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Royce said...

Best 4 days ever! Wish it wouldn't have ended. Amen to the "quiet life" it is the best. It is going to be nice to make our everyday as close as we can.