Monday, August 27, 2012

weekend wrap....

This weekend was kind of a blur and here it is Monday night and I'm wondering what exactly it was we did! I had many sessions so that ate up most of it but in between them we had plenty of fun.

Of course since this week is the last week the pools are open we had to spend an afternoon there at our favorite spot. Royce skated the skatepark while the girls and I played in the water and then we dried off in the sun on the playground. We stopped off at our brand new Richfield Pizza Luce afterwards. Part of me wonders what we will do all winter long because we spent so many summer days at the pool! Although I admit to scouting out some killer sledding hills all within walking distance. I guess we'll have to learn to ice skate too since our other favorite park has a warming house.

Royce informed me that he and the girls had many dance parties in the yard this weekend :) Sad I missed out but happy he gets time alone with them. They are so cool two to one.

We got this whirlypop popcorn popper from my dad and it's been the coolest little thing since we brought it home a couple weeks ago. The girls stand on chairs next to me as I stir this thing over the stove top and pop popcorn. We all snuggle on the couch after, eat popcorn and watch a movie :)

Tonight I looked out the window surprised to see it was so dark. I asked Royce what time it was....8:24. Oh sweet sweet summer light, where have you disappeared to?!

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Royce said...

Great winter ahead! Sledding, hot chocolate and snow forts!!!