Thursday, August 2, 2012

whoever said life is so daily must have not been looking at all the details.....

I sometimes fantasize about life being "daily". Not having ups and downs and problems and solutions and lots and lots of things to worry about ;) I'm sure that's not exactly what they were talking about when they coined the term, however.

Things happen everyday good and bad and we're trying to balance it all out. I look at this blog when it sits and think, "hmmm surely I can write about something!"

Tonight when I tucked the girls in I snuggled in Adia's tiny bed with her, by her request. She likes to narrate out loud exactly what she's doing, "You're laying with me, I'm hugging you, I'm rubbing your shirt. Your shirt is so soft!" but if you know Adia you know she's talking at an extremely rapid pace all in a high pitched mini mouse voice. It makes me giggle. She never stops....not even in her sleep. Speaking of which she's been waking us up every night screaming and shouting out loud in her sleep. Last night she was screaming that (something) was going to MAKE HER HANDS ALL STICKY! Oh no!! I'm trying to figure out a way to block it out while I sleep yet not completely just in case it's a for real emergency.

I moved on over to Rasa's bed after that. She's such a tender and sweet soul. I hugged her tight and kissed her cheek and said in the softest voice I have, "Rasa I LOVE you". She squeezed me harder and in her sweetest voice replied, "I love Daddy". Ugh! She did it to me yet again!!!

My Mom took the girls for me again this Wednesday so I could catch up on work stuff and I spent most of my time doing laundry and cleaning I'm overwhelmed with work. Someday I'll learn....someday.

I've been booking a lot of business every weekend and been away from home more than I like. The days are flying by, even weekends and as my calendar has now filled up through October I worry (even though yes I know it's useless) that this time, if I can't slow down, is going to slip through my fingertips and I'm going to be where I was years ago wondering where it all went. I've been re-evaluating by business, pushing sessions out further, making efficiencies in my processes all in an effort to maintain the balance of kids first and everything else after that. If it's too much, than change has to be immediate so I can do what we've committed to do since the beginning.

Tonight when I looked at the beautiful full moon in the sky (always reminds me of Rasa because of her admiration of the moon. She says in a dreamy sort of voice, "look at the's beeeautiful!!") I realized the night sky is darker. Fall is not too far away. How is that even possible?!

Happy weekend :)


Royce said...

Magic momma. Proud of you and all that you do! Love you Lis!

Carol said...

Royce, I was about to say the same thing...Lissa, I'm so proud of you!