Friday, August 24, 2012

the end is near!

When I heard last night today was supposed to be hot and sunny I decided we HAD to spend the day at the pool because it will probably be one of our last days there. The pools close up at the end of next week and we'll have to wait all fall, winter and spring before they open up again. It's so hard to believe summer is coming to an end.

The girls and I got packed up and headed to the "sprayer" pool!

We spent a couple hours in the water and then played on the playground afterwards. The park and pool were packed but today the girls liked all of the excitement of the other kids. They had a lot of energy to burn! I had to pursuide the girls to leave so we could get lunch but told them if they wanted to we could go back to the pool closer to our house afterwards.

We ended up at Centennial Lakes Park, picked up Jamba Juice smoothies and walked around there.

Adia spotted the spash pad and made me put her back in her swimsuit (Rasa too) so they could play in that. We had a wonderful time just us girls (even though we always miss Daddy)!

We all crashed out when we got home. Fun in the sun is always good for that!

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