Sunday, April 29, 2012

weekend wrap....

Saturday morning was cold and rainy so Royce and I decided to check out Edinborough Park just down the road. It's a big indoor park with little waterfalls, trees and plants and also home to a monstrosity of an indoor kids playground (like nothing I've seen before!). It was FILLED with hundreds of kids and bewildered parents. Part of me (and by part I mean most of me) wanted to turn around and head home but as soon as the girls caught a glimpse of the playground we were stuck there......for three hours. It was fun though and I mastered my serious claustrophobia by climbing through the massive play structure not once with them but twice! Next time I'm totally showing up in heals to show those stuffy moms that not only can I master that giant slide at the top but I can run through that beast in heals like nobody's business. Lighten up ladies, have some fun! PS your kids think I'm cooler than you.

Sunday the girls and I headed to the old hood (holla, Jill!) to drop off a cd for a client, visit my Mom and spent some time with our friends, who used to be close neighbors. The girls had fun and I got my "home" fix so I'm all charged up for another week here, in my strange new place ;) Did I mention that I miss my home terribly?! I do love Richfield and the house and location but it's missing a piece of me that I'm still having a hard time saying good bye to. If I could move my best friend, my old neighbors and family here it would be my definition of paradise.

We arrived home and Royce had cleaned up the yard (looks great hun!) and the girls took a quick nap. When they awoke Royce entertained them outside and captured our Lucy escapee with our new bff Dave, aka next door neighbor. Side note: I believe Dave is seriously concerned for Lucy's well being. He appears out of no where every time she escapes and helps us capture her lol!

As I cooked dinner I saw the girls having fun and grabbed my camera for a couple pics. Just as I ventured outside Adia had discovered one of our lilac bushes for the first time. Pics below :) PS I love my kitchen window. I cook and do dishes (such a domesticated goddess, I know) and am able to watch all of the action from that window. Ironically I've been dreaming of a kitchen window for years so I could feel just like June Cleaver hollering out to the kids that dinners ready. I know what you're thinking and I don't care.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Adventure Day - MN Zoo!

My Mom and I brought the girls to the MN Zoo yesterday. To my delight it's only 15 minutes away! I hadn't been there for about 12 years and had forgotten pretty much all about it. What a great place! The girls have been to Como Zoo a couple times but now that we've been to the MN Zoo I doubt I'll ever walk through Como again!

We went early and it was chilly! We got there shortly after it opened and decided to hike up to the Farm first so the girls could see the farm babies. The baby goats were hilarious playing with each other and running and sliding across the floor. The girls loved seeing the cows, and pigs. They've always really enjoyed going to farms and love those types of animals. Adia asked that I give her one of the newborn pigs yesterday. When I told her I couldn't and that the baby would miss his mommy she sobbed crying, "please Momma! PLEASE! I want one of those babies! I want a real baby piggy!". She went on for a while and we negotiated getting her a piggy toy instead which she agreed, even though she ended up choosing a pink tiger instead! Last night at dinner again she said, "Momma I want one of those baby piggies. I want a real one!". Oyi.

Rasa loved the shark tank and the penguins the best. Adia said she loved the babies and the penguins the best. They both really enjoyed the monorail ride and being able to see the camels and bison. When Royce got home from work the girls were talking so fast about all of their favorite things he could hardly keep up.

My Mom, the girls and I always have a great time together! It makes planning stuff like this so much fun! What a difference between age two and a half and age three! I'm noticing it so much more every time we go out with the girls. It's so much more enjoyable with so few meltdowns, if any at all!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

welcome back sunshine!

After I put the girls down for naps today I finished up some editing I had to get out the door, took a shower and then basked in the sun for an hour. Oh sweet sunshine where have you been hiding! I had a vitamin d test done that showed I was low (like every other resident in the state of MN!) so now I feel like it gives me a free pass to lay in the sun as much as possible ;)

This weekend went by in a blur. I've been getting lots of business which is fabulous and since my work away from home is minimal I still get to pack in weekend sessions and have lots of time with my family (yes I know how fortunate I am!). Saturday evening we brought the girls downtown to our favorite restaurant and meet up with my Besty and her family. We really enjoyed ourselves! Can't wait to do that again soon!

Unfortunately the girls and I ended up sick by the end of the weekend but it's looking like a brief cold and we're on the mend. Funny thing, our allergies have been horrendous this spring. Royce pointed out all of the mature trees packed on almost every single square foot of our street and as beautiful as they are they are torturing us!!

Have to post a video of Rasa reading her book. We still do weekly library trips and one of the books Rasa picked she memorized after me reading it to her twice! She's got a brain like her Daddy!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Everyday Things

*this picture melts my heart and it reminds me why I fell in love with photography. It's the most literal everyday thing I see, rasa glued to her daddy, now frozen in time forever.

bike rides and new hood update!

The newest thing at the Steenerson house is the obsession with tricycle rides! All last fall the girls would sit on their bikes and push them (not peddle much) around in circles and then get board. A couple weeks ago Adia pulled hers out of the garage and peddled down the driveway and whipped down the street! Even after taking a major spill at the end of the driveway (it's pretty steep) she popped up with no tears, hopped on and took off bloody knee and all! Rasa saw Adia cruising down the street and took off after. Our first bike ride was a mile long!

We mostly cruise around the big block over and over a few times everyday. We got stopped on Sunday as Royce and I were walking along while the girls peddled quickly on their bikes. This older couple pulled up next to us and said they've really been enjoying watching the girls cruise on past their house everyday. So sweet.

We are so happy in our new place. Every weekend we get new neighbors stopping to say hi and welcoming us. The people around us are so warm and so friendly it's hard not to feel completely at home here.

Some of the biggest stressors we've had in our lives have passed through us over the last year and here we are, closer than ever and still intact, stronger and happier even.

We are so completely overwhelmed with gratitude for the kind souls and absolutely beautiful people in our lives. Yes, that means you too!

The best way to get the most solid footing is to have the earth shake a little below your feet.

Monday, April 16, 2012

m&m cannibalism?

The girls invaded my bed early this morning as I was laying watching the news. The crawled up, snuggled in and watched for a few minutes with me. An M&M commercial came on with the animated talking M&M characters and this convo followed:

Adia: "Look m&m's!!! We can't eat those though"

Rasa: "No, we can't cuz we eat too much candy"

Adia: "No Rasa we can't eat those they have eyes!"

Rasa: "Oh yeah they do have eyes"

Ultimate confusion followed by a moment of silence.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Hoppy Easter!

I hope you had a lovely Easter! We sure did! After we put the girls to bed the night before Easter, Royce and I sprinkled the front lawn with colorful eggs filled with treats. We wanted the girls to see the eggs from our front window as soon as they woke up Easter morning.

 Easter morning the girls came running out into the living room, saw the eggs and nearly tackled each other to get out the door! I handed each one a basket and they were off and running! I've NEVER seen them competitive before and holy cow they were ruthless collecting eggs as fast as I've ever seen them move before! Adia even toppled over, eggs went flying through the air and she didn't miss a beat running to collect her next egg while I promised to pick up the ones she spilled. I'm actually a little afraid for next year!

 We spend the majority of the day at my parents house. We had a wonderful brunch and my entire family was there. My Dad fixed up the girls VW hotwheel and the cousins all piled in while Shaylah gave everyone rides across the yard. Olivia, Shaylah and Adia jumped on Nana and Poppa's bed screaming and squealing for a good 45 minutes!

Skip had couriered the girls a box of easter baskets so we wanted to make sure to stop by her place on the way home to say thank you and that we miss her. We visited with Jill and Taylor and Skip for an hour and made our way back home.

The girls had eaten nothing but candy all day and had turned into little screaming, fighting, crying monsters! Like nothing I had ever seen before! It took them two days to detox!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

almost done!

I love decorating! I know my style is a little different but sitting in a room that's "finished" makes me feel soooo happy! And when you spend most of your time at home why not make it a place that gives you comfort, peace and joy. I'm almost done with the girls room! I have a few little things I want to add that I spoted at an antique junkyard pretty close to our new place but I have to do a couple more jobs before I can justify spending money :) I have a couple pottery barn ABC quilts I spent way too much money on before the girls were born that I would like to trade out for vintage quilts to upgrade the room from babyish to little girlish. The girls like their room, spend a good amount of time in there (by choice) and get excited anytime I add something new to the walls. PS I LOVE having little girls!!!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

adventure day {carousal ride}

adventure day!

When my Mom pulled up in the driveway this morning the girls were already loaded in their car seats and positively giddy with excitement, waving their arms at my Mom, yelling, "where we going?!!". I told them we were going to eat in a rainforest and I could tell they were having a hard time wrapping their heads around it.

We brought them to The Rainforest Cafe today for lunch and then hit up the other hot spots at Mall of America.!!! And their first trip there. Lunch was GREAT! The girls enjoyed theirs and the favorite was of course the enormous frog cups they got filled with frozen sugary freeze. I've been to The Rainforest Cafe years ago with Royce but it was WAY more fun to see the girls enjoy it (no offense Royce!).

 After lunch we headed to Nickelodeon Universe to find Dora and walked past the Disney store so we swung in and Nana let the girls pick out princess pajamas. They were so excited!!!

 Standing in line for the first ride Adia chickened out at the last minute and Rasa and I went. Adia did go on the little truck roller coaster and had fun. We all went on the carousel after that and headed home.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

My self proclaimed princess....

Adia: It's my birfday today!
Me: Well HAPPY BIRTHDAY ADIA!! (it's not her birthday)
Adia: I'm gonna have a pink birfday cake with pink candles!! (arms in the air!).
Me: Well we will have to plan that for your 4th birthday. I think that's a great idea (I actually hate pink).

Yep she loves pink. I've told you this before. She is in a phase where she only wants to wear pink, eat things that are pink and paint and color only with pink. We checked out a book at the library last week called Red Is Best. If it had been Pink Is Best it would have been a perfect match for her but still the book is cute and defines simply exactly how Adia thinks and feels about a particular color. She's been telling us for weeks that Santa is going to bring her a pink laptop so she can look at the abc phonic's song on youtube on her own computer....a pink one. I've been telling her Santa doesn't usually bring three year olds such elaborate gifts and she stomps her feet, throws her hands in the air and screams, "BUT I WANT A PINK LAPTOP!!!". Oyi.

 It's hard for me to relate to her love of all things princess, sparkle and pink because I intentionally left gender specific items out of their nursery decor, I didn't buy them girly things or encourage that behavior. I wanted to believe that if I left things simple and neutral they would love all things....well all things that I love! With Rasa this is true. With Adia shopping with her at the discount stores make her eyes pop out seeing Disney Princess, Hello Kitty and Mini Mouse items and clothing.

I do however respect her taste. She is entitled to like whatever she fancies, right? At the same time this pink princess loves trackers and construction vehicles. Go figure. She plays with matchbox cars and likes to wrestle, jump off the highest things possible and isn't afraid of mud, sand or dirt.

 When I was little I saw these purple feather earrings that I HAD TO HAVE at the mall. I begged my Mom for them. I remember even at 6 being able to tell she didn't like them. She said no and I thought and thought about those beautiful dangly feather earrings for weeks (come on now I was 6, it's not like I would like them NOW!). Easter Sunday came and inside my Easter basket were those fancy purple feather earrings. They made me feel pretty. My Mom put her own taste aside because she saw a sparkle in my eye and knew they would make me feel happy. In High School my favorite pants were a polyester pair of bell bottoms that were red, white and blue plaid (think Brady Bunch). I loved those pants. Part of me wishes I still had them to wear to embarrass my kids in a few years.

 Thinking back to my own tastes, perhaps pink isn't all that bad after all! I do admire her confidence and independence in knowing what she likes and wants. While it's not the easiest behavior to deal with at age three I hope it continues throughout her life because I believe it's that same confidence that pushes you to get what you want and need. At this point I don't think Adia will ever have problems with that!

Monday, April 2, 2012

my little Gordon girl....

Rasa is so Gordon (my maiden name and a term my friends and family refer to when speaking of the similarities both personality wise and physically between my Mom, my Sister and I). She is always barefoot, LOVES campfires, walks, dancing to the beat of her own drum, nature, the touch and feel of puppies, soft blankets and soft skin. She doesn't care if it matches, looks "cool" to anyone else, she will wear whatever she fancies with conviction and defend her choice to the bitter end (and let me assure you the things they puts on are usually combinations only to be seen in movies like Pricilla Queen of the Desert!!). She searches around here for plants popping through the dirt and touches them ever so gently and looks up at me with glowing eyes that scream the miracle of new life. Today as she was admiring our fern garden I asked her if she wanted to plant and grow tomatoes like she did last year and she looked away, thought about it for a minute and ran up to me with a smile saying, "I want to grow tomatoes!!! I want to grow them now!!" She doesn't say or do anything without thinking it through first. Last year she planted six of them and they grew twice as tall as she was. She was excited to see them grow and to eat their delicious fruit. This was her last summer tending to her garden :)
Last night Adia was spent so we put both girls to bed at 8pm (very early for them). Rasa hopped the baby gate and came strolling out about a half an hour later while Adia was fast asleep. She was such a good girl all day so I allowed her to stay up with us for a couple hours and enjoy being an only kid, something Adia used to do quite frequently months ago. When it was time for us to go to bed I persuaded Royce to let Rasa sleep with us again and she did, happily snuggled between us just like not so long ago. It was nice and we decided we need more time with both of us and each kid separately. We spend time one on one with the girls more frequently now but memories I have as a kid on birthday's when my parents would take me out to any restaurant I chose and got a sitter for my siblings made me feel so special. To own all of the attention of Mom and Dad, even for one night a year, was so meaningful to me that now as an adult I don't remember a single birthday gift but I remember a half a dozen restaurants we visited just the three of us. So again tonight Rasa is on my mind and all of the little things about her that make her so unique, so difficult and so extraordinary.