Tuesday, April 24, 2012

welcome back sunshine!

After I put the girls down for naps today I finished up some editing I had to get out the door, took a shower and then basked in the sun for an hour. Oh sweet sunshine where have you been hiding! I had a vitamin d test done that showed I was low (like every other resident in the state of MN!) so now I feel like it gives me a free pass to lay in the sun as much as possible ;)

This weekend went by in a blur. I've been getting lots of business which is fabulous and since my work away from home is minimal I still get to pack in weekend sessions and have lots of time with my family (yes I know how fortunate I am!). Saturday evening we brought the girls downtown to our favorite restaurant and meet up with my Besty and her family. We really enjoyed ourselves! Can't wait to do that again soon!

Unfortunately the girls and I ended up sick by the end of the weekend but it's looking like a brief cold and we're on the mend. Funny thing, our allergies have been horrendous this spring. Royce pointed out all of the mature trees packed on almost every single square foot of our street and as beautiful as they are they are torturing us!!

Have to post a video of Rasa reading her book. We still do weekly library trips and one of the books Rasa picked she memorized after me reading it to her twice! She's got a brain like her Daddy!