Tuesday, April 3, 2012

My self proclaimed princess....

Adia: It's my birfday today!
Me: Well HAPPY BIRTHDAY ADIA!! (it's not her birthday)
Adia: I'm gonna have a pink birfday cake with pink candles!! (arms in the air!).
Me: Well we will have to plan that for your 4th birthday. I think that's a great idea (I actually hate pink).

Yep she loves pink. I've told you this before. She is in a phase where she only wants to wear pink, eat things that are pink and paint and color only with pink. We checked out a book at the library last week called Red Is Best. If it had been Pink Is Best it would have been a perfect match for her but still the book is cute and defines simply exactly how Adia thinks and feels about a particular color. She's been telling us for weeks that Santa is going to bring her a pink laptop so she can look at the abc phonic's song on youtube on her own computer....a pink one. I've been telling her Santa doesn't usually bring three year olds such elaborate gifts and she stomps her feet, throws her hands in the air and screams, "BUT I WANT A PINK LAPTOP!!!". Oyi.

 It's hard for me to relate to her love of all things princess, sparkle and pink because I intentionally left gender specific items out of their nursery decor, I didn't buy them girly things or encourage that behavior. I wanted to believe that if I left things simple and neutral they would love all things....well all things that I love! With Rasa this is true. With Adia shopping with her at the discount stores make her eyes pop out seeing Disney Princess, Hello Kitty and Mini Mouse items and clothing.

I do however respect her taste. She is entitled to like whatever she fancies, right? At the same time this pink princess loves trackers and construction vehicles. Go figure. She plays with matchbox cars and likes to wrestle, jump off the highest things possible and isn't afraid of mud, sand or dirt.

 When I was little I saw these purple feather earrings that I HAD TO HAVE at the mall. I begged my Mom for them. I remember even at 6 being able to tell she didn't like them. She said no and I thought and thought about those beautiful dangly feather earrings for weeks (come on now I was 6, it's not like I would like them NOW!). Easter Sunday came and inside my Easter basket were those fancy purple feather earrings. They made me feel pretty. My Mom put her own taste aside because she saw a sparkle in my eye and knew they would make me feel happy. In High School my favorite pants were a polyester pair of bell bottoms that were red, white and blue plaid (think Brady Bunch). I loved those pants. Part of me wishes I still had them to wear to embarrass my kids in a few years.

 Thinking back to my own tastes, perhaps pink isn't all that bad after all! I do admire her confidence and independence in knowing what she likes and wants. While it's not the easiest behavior to deal with at age three I hope it continues throughout her life because I believe it's that same confidence that pushes you to get what you want and need. At this point I don't think Adia will ever have problems with that!

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rachel said...

I do seem to remember you in a fancy dress with combat boots....just saying.