Wednesday, April 4, 2012

adventure day!

When my Mom pulled up in the driveway this morning the girls were already loaded in their car seats and positively giddy with excitement, waving their arms at my Mom, yelling, "where we going?!!". I told them we were going to eat in a rainforest and I could tell they were having a hard time wrapping their heads around it.

We brought them to The Rainforest Cafe today for lunch and then hit up the other hot spots at Mall of America.!!! And their first trip there. Lunch was GREAT! The girls enjoyed theirs and the favorite was of course the enormous frog cups they got filled with frozen sugary freeze. I've been to The Rainforest Cafe years ago with Royce but it was WAY more fun to see the girls enjoy it (no offense Royce!).

 After lunch we headed to Nickelodeon Universe to find Dora and walked past the Disney store so we swung in and Nana let the girls pick out princess pajamas. They were so excited!!!

 Standing in line for the first ride Adia chickened out at the last minute and Rasa and I went. Adia did go on the little truck roller coaster and had fun. We all went on the carousel after that and headed home.

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