Sunday, April 29, 2012

weekend wrap....

Saturday morning was cold and rainy so Royce and I decided to check out Edinborough Park just down the road. It's a big indoor park with little waterfalls, trees and plants and also home to a monstrosity of an indoor kids playground (like nothing I've seen before!). It was FILLED with hundreds of kids and bewildered parents. Part of me (and by part I mean most of me) wanted to turn around and head home but as soon as the girls caught a glimpse of the playground we were stuck there......for three hours. It was fun though and I mastered my serious claustrophobia by climbing through the massive play structure not once with them but twice! Next time I'm totally showing up in heals to show those stuffy moms that not only can I master that giant slide at the top but I can run through that beast in heals like nobody's business. Lighten up ladies, have some fun! PS your kids think I'm cooler than you.

Sunday the girls and I headed to the old hood (holla, Jill!) to drop off a cd for a client, visit my Mom and spent some time with our friends, who used to be close neighbors. The girls had fun and I got my "home" fix so I'm all charged up for another week here, in my strange new place ;) Did I mention that I miss my home terribly?! I do love Richfield and the house and location but it's missing a piece of me that I'm still having a hard time saying good bye to. If I could move my best friend, my old neighbors and family here it would be my definition of paradise.

We arrived home and Royce had cleaned up the yard (looks great hun!) and the girls took a quick nap. When they awoke Royce entertained them outside and captured our Lucy escapee with our new bff Dave, aka next door neighbor. Side note: I believe Dave is seriously concerned for Lucy's well being. He appears out of no where every time she escapes and helps us capture her lol!

As I cooked dinner I saw the girls having fun and grabbed my camera for a couple pics. Just as I ventured outside Adia had discovered one of our lilac bushes for the first time. Pics below :) PS I love my kitchen window. I cook and do dishes (such a domesticated goddess, I know) and am able to watch all of the action from that window. Ironically I've been dreaming of a kitchen window for years so I could feel just like June Cleaver hollering out to the kids that dinners ready. I know what you're thinking and I don't care.

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