Thursday, April 5, 2012

almost done!

I love decorating! I know my style is a little different but sitting in a room that's "finished" makes me feel soooo happy! And when you spend most of your time at home why not make it a place that gives you comfort, peace and joy. I'm almost done with the girls room! I have a few little things I want to add that I spoted at an antique junkyard pretty close to our new place but I have to do a couple more jobs before I can justify spending money :) I have a couple pottery barn ABC quilts I spent way too much money on before the girls were born that I would like to trade out for vintage quilts to upgrade the room from babyish to little girlish. The girls like their room, spend a good amount of time in there (by choice) and get excited anytime I add something new to the walls. PS I LOVE having little girls!!!


Royce said...

Job well done!

rachel said...

looks great lissa!