Tuesday, April 17, 2012

bike rides and new hood update!

The newest thing at the Steenerson house is the obsession with tricycle rides! All last fall the girls would sit on their bikes and push them (not peddle much) around in circles and then get board. A couple weeks ago Adia pulled hers out of the garage and peddled down the driveway and whipped down the street! Even after taking a major spill at the end of the driveway (it's pretty steep) she popped up with no tears, hopped on and took off bloody knee and all! Rasa saw Adia cruising down the street and took off after. Our first bike ride was a mile long!

We mostly cruise around the big block over and over a few times everyday. We got stopped on Sunday as Royce and I were walking along while the girls peddled quickly on their bikes. This older couple pulled up next to us and said they've really been enjoying watching the girls cruise on past their house everyday. So sweet.

We are so happy in our new place. Every weekend we get new neighbors stopping to say hi and welcoming us. The people around us are so warm and so friendly it's hard not to feel completely at home here.

Some of the biggest stressors we've had in our lives have passed through us over the last year and here we are, closer than ever and still intact, stronger and happier even.

We are so completely overwhelmed with gratitude for the kind souls and absolutely beautiful people in our lives. Yes, that means you too!

The best way to get the most solid footing is to have the earth shake a little below your feet.

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Royce said...

Very true! Love you chica.