Friday, April 27, 2012

Adventure Day - MN Zoo!

My Mom and I brought the girls to the MN Zoo yesterday. To my delight it's only 15 minutes away! I hadn't been there for about 12 years and had forgotten pretty much all about it. What a great place! The girls have been to Como Zoo a couple times but now that we've been to the MN Zoo I doubt I'll ever walk through Como again!

We went early and it was chilly! We got there shortly after it opened and decided to hike up to the Farm first so the girls could see the farm babies. The baby goats were hilarious playing with each other and running and sliding across the floor. The girls loved seeing the cows, and pigs. They've always really enjoyed going to farms and love those types of animals. Adia asked that I give her one of the newborn pigs yesterday. When I told her I couldn't and that the baby would miss his mommy she sobbed crying, "please Momma! PLEASE! I want one of those babies! I want a real baby piggy!". She went on for a while and we negotiated getting her a piggy toy instead which she agreed, even though she ended up choosing a pink tiger instead! Last night at dinner again she said, "Momma I want one of those baby piggies. I want a real one!". Oyi.

Rasa loved the shark tank and the penguins the best. Adia said she loved the babies and the penguins the best. They both really enjoyed the monorail ride and being able to see the camels and bison. When Royce got home from work the girls were talking so fast about all of their favorite things he could hardly keep up.

My Mom, the girls and I always have a great time together! It makes planning stuff like this so much fun! What a difference between age two and a half and age three! I'm noticing it so much more every time we go out with the girls. It's so much more enjoyable with so few meltdowns, if any at all!

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Royce said...

What a GREAT adventure!!!!