Friday, April 13, 2012

Hoppy Easter!

I hope you had a lovely Easter! We sure did! After we put the girls to bed the night before Easter, Royce and I sprinkled the front lawn with colorful eggs filled with treats. We wanted the girls to see the eggs from our front window as soon as they woke up Easter morning.

 Easter morning the girls came running out into the living room, saw the eggs and nearly tackled each other to get out the door! I handed each one a basket and they were off and running! I've NEVER seen them competitive before and holy cow they were ruthless collecting eggs as fast as I've ever seen them move before! Adia even toppled over, eggs went flying through the air and she didn't miss a beat running to collect her next egg while I promised to pick up the ones she spilled. I'm actually a little afraid for next year!

 We spend the majority of the day at my parents house. We had a wonderful brunch and my entire family was there. My Dad fixed up the girls VW hotwheel and the cousins all piled in while Shaylah gave everyone rides across the yard. Olivia, Shaylah and Adia jumped on Nana and Poppa's bed screaming and squealing for a good 45 minutes!

Skip had couriered the girls a box of easter baskets so we wanted to make sure to stop by her place on the way home to say thank you and that we miss her. We visited with Jill and Taylor and Skip for an hour and made our way back home.

The girls had eaten nothing but candy all day and had turned into little screaming, fighting, crying monsters! Like nothing I had ever seen before! It took them two days to detox!

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Royce said...

It was the best!