Tuesday, October 23, 2012

halloween excitement!

The girls are WAY into halloween this year. We have a couple neighbors who've decked out their yards with lights and spooky decorations and we walk over there in the dark almost every night.

Both girls picked out their own costumes and have been wearing them everyday since Royce brought them home last week (we always get good use out of costumes, year after year!).

We're looking forward to going to our old neighborhood to trick or treat with friends and have a great time!

The girls trying on costumes for the first time. They were up late that night too excited to sleep.

Adia in my studio. Rasa didn't want any part of getting her picture taken that day. I'll try again with her later ;)

Thursday, October 18, 2012

the things they say.....adia edition

We were talking about Cinderella coming out on DVD.
Adia says, "I'm going to pick Cinderella movie out and watch it here and IT'S GOING TO BE SO EXCITING!!!"

Lucy had a small accident on the floor and as I was spraying it up with a bottle of floor cleaner Adia says, "Oh Momma that is SO cool! I want a pink one of those (spray bottles) so I can clean up pee too!"

My Mom offered Adia a slice of apple. Adia says, "No way I'm taking a bite of that stupid apple"

We spent an hour online looking at halloween costumes when FINALLY both girls had decided what they wanted to be.
Adia to Royce, "Rasa's gonna be a hedgehog for halloween and I'm gonna be A MANGO!!!!"
Royce, "A mango?"
Adia, "NO! A mango! You know, it's pink with the wings and it goes like this (her jumping around flapping her arms)"
Royce, "OH! A flamingo!"

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

the art of parenting.....

I'm finding that parenting kids who have the same personality I do is exhausting. Realizing I have to change and not try and correct their behavior is HARD. I can't tell them not to do something that I myself, as an adult, don't have the self control to not do!
Wish me luck!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

the things they say....

Drama Queen in training.....

I left the girls at my parents for a couple hours today so I could get my hair updated ;) When I got back and put them in the car Adia announced she was crying for me when I was gone:

Adia: I was crying for lu (you) momma

Me: You were crying for me? Why were you crying for me?

Adia: I was sitting on the stairs, crying, because I looked up at the picture of you on the wall. The picture from when you were growing up. And I was crying for lu.

Oh lord.