Sunday, March 31, 2013

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

bikes aka freedom

Last night Royce and I bought the girls their first bicycles. We were both so excited. Both of us have wonderful memories of being little and learning to ride, having training wheels taken off and the freedom that comes to a child when they're old enough to bike away, out of Mom and Dad's eyesight.

I remember learning to ride and turning to see my Dad's hand letting go of my seat the first time he took the training wheels off as he ran behind me. I did fall. He made that scrunched up face that says OUCH and it's the same face I'll make the first time one of my girls barrels down the driveway (which will inevitably happen) and crashes out at the bottom. I'll have to encourage her to hop back on and learn to trust herself and her bike again. The same things that were said to me when I was little.

When I was the girls age (maybe a year older) my bike was a classic Schwinn. It was blue with a blue and white seat that had an S printed on it. My parents bought it from a guy in the neighborhood who would salvage old bikes and make new ones. It didn't have a banana seat or fancy tassels but I loved it, it was a good learner even though I remember complaining that it was a boys bike. It was. I remember one afternoon my Dad telling me to hop in the car. My parents preferred to run errands without us so to have the chance to go out, especially without the other two kids, was never questioned. I hopped in and he wouldn't tell me where we were going. I don't remember which store it was but I do remember my Dad walking me right up to a pink banana seat Murry and asking me if I wanted it. Holy WOW this was my new bike! Later my Mom told me he cashed in his enormous pickle jar he filled to the top with change and paid for the bike. Last night when we loaded up the bikes in the back of the car I got a little teary because I felt so awesome and happy for the girls and because I felt the same feelings my Dad probably did when he watched my face glow at the sight of that sweet bike.

Whoa. We officially have kids now. Learning to ride bikes is a big kid thing. They're ready for it and SO excited about it. Now I just need to remember to teach them when Royce is at work. I seriously don't think he can handle it ;)

The things they say........

Rasa while eating dinner: Momma it's good to fill our tummies with good food?

Me: Yes, it will make you grow big and strong (how generic, I know).

Rasa: I don't want to grow any bigger. I wanna stay little forever!! (smart girl)


Me: I think the Easter Bunny will probably hide the eggs in the house this year because there's so much snow out in our yard.

Adia: He can't come in here! He'll leave those little poops everywhere!!

Monday, March 25, 2013

Minneapolis Art Institute's Rock-the-Cradle

The girls and I along with one of my best friends, Amy, her Roommate, Christy and her Son, Liam (the girls little buddy) all went to the MIA Rock-the-Cradle event yesterday. It was a blast. Picture the quiet, sterile, uptight art museum packed full of kids ages 0-5 (mostly) along with two music stages, loads of vendors with freebies (juice boxes, organic snacks etc) and plenty of photo booths, music experiments and art projects. It was a crying, screaming, laughing and jumping mess of baby, toddler and preschool emotion with oodles of bewildered parents.

Lucky for us our three four year olds were happy, no tears shed, and OH SO EXCITED!

Rasa was in her glory running from exhibit to exhibit in the museum and way more interested in the fine art than the kiddie mess. I don't think I've ever seen her so excited, not even at the Disney store. The three kids had a blast, listened to music, got recorders and maracas from McPhail and tooted their "whistles" all throughout the entire museum despite our best efforts of trying to explain they should be outdoor toys.

We met up for lunch after with Daddy too at Luce and called it a day.

We will definitely go back again next year.

The girls and I just before leaving!

The three four year olds admiring the paintings (photo by Amy)

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Bright Prospects here we come!

We just got notified today that both girls got into our first choice preK program! We are SO excited! The school is a mix of Montessori and Waldorf learning and the two classroom teachers are fantastic. I knew when I toured the school it was the perfect place for them! Aside from having two teachers there is also a parent volunteer in class everyday. With class size of 15 kids the student teacher ratio is better than any other school we looked at and I love that the girls will get to know their classmates parents and that I'll have the opportunity to get to know their peers as I volunteer in class twice a month.

They start in August and will attend Monday's, Wednesday's and Friday's. The really fun part for me is going to be school clothes shopping ;)

Monday, March 11, 2013

my little joy machine!

Adia is my spirited kid which means she's very opinionated, loves to argue and tell me how it is and has a little bit of a temper. She's also hilarious, has the best sense of humor and keeps me laughing everyday. She loves making us laugh and being silly. She's just like her Dad in that way. She's very sweet and sensitive too but gets bored easily and likes to spice things up. I can always tell when she needs me to entertain her because all of the sudden she'll be a tornado, teasing Rasa, jumping on the couch and eventually, after that loses it's appeal, she'll go after Lucy.

Rasa's getting over a pretty bad cold and feeling sorry for herself. Who can blame her, it sucks being sick, especially with colds that don't want to go away. She had a tough day today so I was asking her what we needed to do to make her feel better. Frozen yogurt first and then a nice warm bath were her requests. Adia decided just Rasa should take a bath by herself so she could have the whole big bathtub (something Adia just experienced for the first time in her life yesterday). While Rasa was in there Adia kneeled next to the tub and completely entertained her for 45 minutes. She told her to make bubble drawings and praised each one Rasa created. She handed her toys and helped her make bathtub tea. She danced like a ballerina for her and handed her cups to rinse her hair with.

I realized after spending a very trying morning at the clinic with the girls that Adia really helps me out. She makes things lighter, she knows when to be really good and how to be a good helper. She knows innately what Rasa needs and how to take care of her when I'm puzzled. Adia knows when I've had it how to flash me a crooked smile to make me laugh. She's just a joy. She truly is and all of the grey hairs she causes me with her spirited nature are worth the rest of what she offers not only me but our entire family.

I love you little Eya :) You are SO. MUCH. FUN.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

The things they say.........

Following a conversation about sleeping last night and the girls were talking back and forth about shadows they saw and noises they heard.

Adia: I see stories in my eyes!

Me: Oh your talking about dreams.

Adia: Yes there are stories in my eyes!

Me: Do you ever remember your dreams?

Adia: Yep. I dreamed about a pink unicorn and a purple unicorn and they were friends. And there was a baby pink unicorn and a baby purple unicorn and they were sisters.......and they lived happily ever after!