Monday, March 11, 2013

my little joy machine!

Adia is my spirited kid which means she's very opinionated, loves to argue and tell me how it is and has a little bit of a temper. She's also hilarious, has the best sense of humor and keeps me laughing everyday. She loves making us laugh and being silly. She's just like her Dad in that way. She's very sweet and sensitive too but gets bored easily and likes to spice things up. I can always tell when she needs me to entertain her because all of the sudden she'll be a tornado, teasing Rasa, jumping on the couch and eventually, after that loses it's appeal, she'll go after Lucy.

Rasa's getting over a pretty bad cold and feeling sorry for herself. Who can blame her, it sucks being sick, especially with colds that don't want to go away. She had a tough day today so I was asking her what we needed to do to make her feel better. Frozen yogurt first and then a nice warm bath were her requests. Adia decided just Rasa should take a bath by herself so she could have the whole big bathtub (something Adia just experienced for the first time in her life yesterday). While Rasa was in there Adia kneeled next to the tub and completely entertained her for 45 minutes. She told her to make bubble drawings and praised each one Rasa created. She handed her toys and helped her make bathtub tea. She danced like a ballerina for her and handed her cups to rinse her hair with.

I realized after spending a very trying morning at the clinic with the girls that Adia really helps me out. She makes things lighter, she knows when to be really good and how to be a good helper. She knows innately what Rasa needs and how to take care of her when I'm puzzled. Adia knows when I've had it how to flash me a crooked smile to make me laugh. She's just a joy. She truly is and all of the grey hairs she causes me with her spirited nature are worth the rest of what she offers not only me but our entire family.

I love you little Eya :) You are SO. MUCH. FUN.

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Royce said...

Blondie BOOM BOOM is our little treasure! Just an amazing gem, always keeping us on our toes!