Monday, March 25, 2013

Minneapolis Art Institute's Rock-the-Cradle

The girls and I along with one of my best friends, Amy, her Roommate, Christy and her Son, Liam (the girls little buddy) all went to the MIA Rock-the-Cradle event yesterday. It was a blast. Picture the quiet, sterile, uptight art museum packed full of kids ages 0-5 (mostly) along with two music stages, loads of vendors with freebies (juice boxes, organic snacks etc) and plenty of photo booths, music experiments and art projects. It was a crying, screaming, laughing and jumping mess of baby, toddler and preschool emotion with oodles of bewildered parents.

Lucky for us our three four year olds were happy, no tears shed, and OH SO EXCITED!

Rasa was in her glory running from exhibit to exhibit in the museum and way more interested in the fine art than the kiddie mess. I don't think I've ever seen her so excited, not even at the Disney store. The three kids had a blast, listened to music, got recorders and maracas from McPhail and tooted their "whistles" all throughout the entire museum despite our best efforts of trying to explain they should be outdoor toys.

We met up for lunch after with Daddy too at Luce and called it a day.

We will definitely go back again next year.

The girls and I just before leaving!

The three four year olds admiring the paintings (photo by Amy)

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