Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Nana and Papa Days.....

When my parents are in town (which seems to be a lot more than usual!) they take the girls on Wednesday so Momma can catch up on work. We've been doing this for several weeks now and the girls REALLY look forward to it. Every Nana and Papa morning they jump out of bed, grab their backpacks and wait by the door to leave, "come on lets go! take us to nana's! is it time to go yet???".

This morning we dropped Royce off at work and then I headed north to my parents. When we got there I took Adia out of the car first and Rasa yelled, "Momma! Hurry up and get me out! Nana's waiting for me!". They run in, make themselves right at home!

Adia: Nana I'm a little bit hungry
Papa: Well get yourself something to eat! You know where the food is!
Adia: smiling, opens the fridge and helps herself to fresh picked raspberries

I leave, say good bye, the girls act annoyed like get out of here already!

Today my parents brought them out to lunch at my Sister's work. She served them up chicken strips with ranch and of course cookies and ice cream (pay back!). The girls mentioned candy bars too but everyone seems tight lipped about it ;) Auntie Chrissy also gave them some bunnie flashlights they are still pretty excited about.

When I ask about their day they just say they had fun and got treats! They also mentioned gathering veggies and raspberries out of the garden to which I love.

Special memories of Nana and Papa's for sure.