Sunday, July 22, 2012

so we're not weekend warriors.....but we're close!

Hate to always sound like a broken record but this weekend was AWESOME! We had Amy and Emeric over for a belated birthday party for E and had a great time!

The photo above was taken in the middle of our street around midnight (yes the girls came running out of bed and out of the house after we thought they'd gone to bed!) with a slow shutter speed and is completely unretouched or edited. Okay I admit, I'm a photo nerd but so is Amy so it works!

I had sessions this weekend and did some marathon editing while Royce kept the girls entertained. Have I mentioned how much I love my job?! Its so fun to get out and away and meet new people all over the cities!

We drove around Saturday night around the MN River Valley, which we found out last night is actually just down the road! It's beautiful! My goodness I've been sheltered away from the beauty of the south metro! We picked up take out from my favorite thai place on Grand and Royce and I relaxed while Sam entertained the girls across the street. They adore her! Rasa came running home asking me to put her hair in a pony asap because that's what Sam had :)

Today I had a session downtown and Royce brought the girls out for coffee (they had cow's milk). After I was finished we had brunch at Luce and then spent the day playing in the yard and running errands.

Royce is scrubbing the weekend dirt off of the girls as I type (literally!) so we're ready to settle in tonight and get ready for a good busy week ahead.

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Royce said...

What a great weekend it was!! Here is to many more to come!