Sunday, July 1, 2012

sizzle sizzle summer sun....

What an awesome weekend! We stayed in Friday night since I had a full day of work Saturday morning. After I finished my sessions we had Royce's Brother over and he and Royce fixed up our "around town" car. Royce's Mom made a surprise visit and entertained the girls with sidewalk chalk while the boys worked on the car. It was nice to see them.
Saturday night we were wiped and went to bed early. We were so excited for today!

I woke up this morning to the following conversation:
Rasa: Gabby's coming over!
Adia: No, Gabby's not comin' over 'til Sunday
Rasa: Adia! Adia! It IS Sunday!!

We woke up early so I could pick up bbq food and get the yard all set up. We had Jill, Taylor, Chase, Karley, Gabby and Isaac over for a pot luck bbq. The kids had SOOO much fun playing in the pool and the adults had time to catch up and relax a little. We miss living close to them but it's so awesome that our old neighbors are now wonderful, wonderful friends and it's such a treat to see them now. They're truly like family. We are going to plan another fun day very soon because we don't see each other nearly enough! It was HOT today, in the 90's! I think all of us ended up in the pool at some point!

Amy and Emeric stopped over at the end and stayed a few hours. Royce and Emeric were playing on an antique skateboard outside while Amy, me and the girls were laying on our bed enjoying the air conditioning! Amy & Emerica brough an amazing finish bistro cake that when Rasa saw it she said, "this is the most amazing thing I ever saw in my life!" It was though, she's right! As if the Whoppie Pie's Karley made that they had at least two each of weren't enough sugar for one day!

Royce crashed on the couch (beer+heat=more than he can handle, hahaha ;)) and the girls played quietly with books while I cleaned up the yard. I do have to say that Karley and Jill are the best guests because they left the place as clean as it was when they arrived and that never happens! Miss them already!

I have a feeling we will all sleep well over here tonight!

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