Friday, July 13, 2012

long days...bright spots ahead

Huffington post shared an article of a Mom who wrote on her child's blog what a real day was like for them. It wasn't all rainbows and unicorns but it was a realistic look of her challenges with having small children at home. I don't write a whole lot about those kinds of days here, even though we have them more than not, mainly because at the end of my days when I usually blog my reflections are of our high points, honest and true. It's easier for me to recollect those times of our day than relive the tough spots.

With that being said we are definitely in a transitional stage here! The girls are more demanding than ever and sadly, lazy too. Not of fault of their own but because it's been easier for me to hop up and grab whatever they're asking for because I've always done it. Until now. I'm exhausted, my allergies are horrible and I'm drained. I can't keep up with two little girls demands every two minutes for things they can easily just get themselves. So we're making changes. We're talking about rules, respect and boundaries. We're pushing that "big girls' can put their plates in the sink, throw their trash in the bin instead of on the floor, dress themselves, get their own pillow or blanket etc. We're talking a lot about if they ask and we say no, it means no and no amount of whining or crying (as irritating as it is) is going to change the answer. We're talking about sleeping all night in their own beds, if they need to potty or a drink of water they have access and can take care of those needs themselves and then go back to sleep in their bed. We're praising helpers and thanking them for pitching in and helping the family.

Rasa is responding very well. She likes approval and she likes praise. Adia is getting it, slowly but surely. She will give up something she wants simply because I won't get it for her, even though she can easily get it herself. That's ok too. I'm not in a power struggle with her and she gets to choose when she wants to push her will. I like that about her actually. I'm the same way :)

We all need to work on respecting each other, talking lovingly, being more patient, and respectful. When we are crabby we need to put into words our feelings and they need to be validated, even if they are feelings of frustration, anger or stress. We all need to remember that every emotion, no matter what it is, is ok. It's not good or bad, it just is. Even happiness or feelings of being content. It's not better than the others, it just is.

We are a work in progress and we always will be and that's A-OK with me as long as we're moving in the right direction!

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Carol said...

I wish i grew up in your house!