Saturday, July 7, 2012

bedtime laments....

Adia insisted we close the window's in the girls room tonight at bedtime because if we didn't that the zebras were going to come in and get her. "I don't want the zebras to get in here and get me!!!" "Close the windows or the zebra's will get in!!!"

Even after I told her that zebra's don't live here, they only live in the desert, she corrected me to remind me that they do in fact live the zoo.

I promised her the zoo keeps them locked up and that they can't escape. It wasn't convincing enough, however, so the window's are in fact closed with the shades down "all the way".

Heheheh silly girl, like a window pane or shades will stop a zebra escapee from getting in here!

UPDATE: A cry from Adia to reveal a donkey has in fact made it into her bed. "It's a big one with a big scary mouth. And there's a little one too and it's scaaaaary" I asked if she got it out of her bed and received no reply so I believe we are safe at the moment....that is until another zoo animal makes an appearance (see I was right about the window and shades not stopping them!).

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