Thursday, July 5, 2012

Welcome July!

We had a really nice 4th despite the fact it was 100 degrees with a 110 heat index! Even for us in the summer THAT'S HOT!
Nana and Grampa came over and brought a build your own sandwich bar (too hot to grill!) and we had a fantastic cream cake too!

The girls and I napped after they left and we woke up and watched a movie in the cool air conditioned house. The Secret Life of Arrietty is fabulous! The girls are really into Ponyo and it's the same creator. They are super sweet movies with lots of imagination and less princess fairy tale stuff.

About 6 we filled up the little pool with cold water and had some fun. Even I was sitting in that pool. In 100 degrees the only way to survive the heat is to sit your butt in ice cold water!

I got the girls all pumped up to see fireworks (sorry no pictures. fireworks were at 10 pm and I don't use a flash!). Royce and I were tired and we tried to talk the girls into letting us light off fireworks here instead but they were not having it.

We decided to see Richfield's finest and drive over to Veteran Memorial Park to see the fireworks display. Enter ignorance here: I honestly thought if we left the house at 9 (which we did) we would mosey on over to the park, pull into a parking lot and sit in a semi quiet park to view the fireworks. In actuality we left at 9 pm, drove to 62 and Portland to see a sea of people walking from MILES away into the park. The city had blocked off the roads within a mile radius and the neighborHOOD's (HOOD!!!! Next year bring a gun and some pepper spray....just kidding...we won't ever go back again lol!) were FILLED with cars parked down every.single.street. for miles. Welcome to the city, suburbanites! After a brief meltdown by me in the car that my sweet little girls weren't going to see fireworks we got lucky, found a spot on the street a mile away and hoofed it. The delight on their faces after the first firework was lit made everything completely worth it. Pure simple joy. It's addictive, I tell ya! The girls had a blast, loved the fireworks and didn't even bat an eye to the fact that Momma drove them to the ghetto and we sat in a park with easily a hundred thousand other people, most very different from ourselves, while teenagers talked about dime bags, and some poor kids begged for our food. Ah Richfield, you are a gem of a melting pot. Next year we will go to Minneapolis where it's safe and we fit in ;)

Snapped a few pics of our evening in the yard. Lots of nudity around here but we don't mind and seriously, check out Rasa's awesome farmer tan! Too cute, that little white booty!

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