Thursday, July 19, 2012

The things they say...

Last night in the tub:
Me: Who's getting teeth brushed first?
Adia: Rasa!
Rasa: Not me DUDE!

Today the girls were climbing in and out of the car through the window that was down and I told them to stop and that I didn't want them playing in the car.
Rasa: WHY?!
Me: Because I don't want you messing with all of the lights and buttons!
Rasa: You don't understand us mom. It's okay. It's not your fault

???!!!!! Seriously......

We were leaving the community pool after a fun time with a handful of other kids.
Me: that was fun! Those kids were fun too
Rasa: No, I don't like kids
Me: What do you mean? You seemed to have fun with those kids. You have friends and they are also kids. You're a kid, they're just like you.
Rasa: No. They are not like me. They scare me.

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rachel said...

hilarious! i love your "things they say" posts.