Sunday, July 15, 2012

weekend fun!

Adia, Gabby, and Rasa eating snacks and watching Barney

Weekends are always so enjoyable it's sad Sunday night to say good bye! We spent most of this warm weekend outside, at our favorite pools, around the fire and with great friends.

Highlights this weekend were having our old friend Paul over Friday night, Saturday with no photo sessions, Saturday morning breakfast at The Grill, poolside afterwards and back home for family nap time :), Sunday early morning photo session, Big Bowl dinner and family car wash. We even managed to take down the laundry mountain and do a house scrubdown (of both the house and the girls thanks to Royce).

Best part of our weekend was hanging out in the old hood with some of our favorite people! Saturday evening we headed to Blaine and relaxed at Jill's house with her, Taylor & Chase, Patrick & Karley, Skip, and of course the littles. Jill set up the pool (that the girls deflated by jumping around it until 11:30 pm!), and spoiled us with treats and drinks. Thanks Jilly! The girls had a lot of fun playing, running the old street up to the hill, in and out of the houses back and forth, back and forth! It was fun to see them have such a good time and Karley and Jill kept them entertained all night so was like a night out for Royce and I!
Love you guys!! Can't wait until next time! It was totally worth getting home after midnight and the tired worn out kids today (seriously it was worth it!!).

Happy new week. Looking forward to whatever it brings! We're hoping to bring the girls downtown Minneapolis for the Aquatenial Parade this week. Should be fun and of course HOT!

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dellis said...

We had such a great time!! - Karley, Gabby, Isaac & Patrick