Thursday, September 20, 2012

shopping with three year olds.....

The girls are very particular about their clothes. Shopping trips to the store for clothes always ends up in them picking items I would NEVER buy (at prices I don't want to pay) and we leave with one or two things I didn't want to get just to save ourselves from carrying out two crying kids. Example.....the last trip to Old Navy we made we only went because I needed to get them sized and then planned on buying everything for (much) cheaper at their online store. Online if you purchase two of the same style you get a discount. Well....after fighting tooth and nail to get them to try pants on so I could see their size we left with a hot pink Hello Kitty dress and a blue Hello Kitty t-shirt (blech).

So tonight I'm online shopping for their winter wardrobe and the girls are excited about the things I picked out for each of them. The nice thing about shopping online is that I can choose the items they can pick from (all of my favorites hahaha) and they can tell me if they'll wear it or not.

Of course the thought never crossed my mind that 3 year olds have zero concept of time and when I told them their clothes would arrive in a week they didn't get it.....which is why every five minutes for the last hour Adia's asked, "are they here yet?!" How long will it take for her to forget all about them?!

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