Thursday, September 6, 2012

the art of falling short....

Sometimes I sit and just for a split second my mind brings me a sweet bit of info I don't want to forget. It doesn't happen often (ha!) but when it does it's nice to know the hamsters in there turning the wheels haven't died off altogether!

I was thinking about perfect parenting and then it came to me! A perfect parent is one that is not perfect! How can we teach our kids to cope with life if we don't have issues, shortcomings, failures, bad days etc that they see and watch us climb out of the trenches of? It's liberating to think that I can be myself, my true self and be a better parent to my girls than if I was trying so hard to do everything right, especially because that wouldn't be right at all. See what I'm saying? ;)

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Royce said...

Amazing and very true realization!!