Tuesday, September 25, 2012

the contrast in humanity.....

You've probably heard me talk about my aversion to little critters before, and also their attraction to me. So I'm outside sitting about five feet from my garage when out dances a big fat mouse. He stops, looks up right at me and than prances back into my garage. GROSS!!! I run inside, tell the girls they are not allowed in the garage until we kill the mouse that's squatting in there. Our garage is old school, just studs and beams and no where for little mouse man to hide so I know when Royce gets home he can remedy the situation swiftly.

Adia exclaims: We have to put peanut butter on a trap and KILL IT!!!!!

Rasa looking perturbed: No Adia, he's our friend. Mouse is our friend. We can't kill it.


Me: I'm with Adia on this one. That mouse has to die. They are filthy and disgusting.

Rasa: but we need to just give it a chance. We need to say goodbye mouse and ask him to leave.

Adia: We have to KILL IT!

Me: Ok, Rasa thinks we need to ask the mouse to leave and give it a chance to go, Adia wants to kill it. I'll think about both of your suggestions and make a decision.

Both girls smiling like they've "won"

That bastard is as good as dead.

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Royce said...

Pure gold! Sorry mousey, you're done for... ;)