Friday, September 7, 2012

cookies for corrie....

The girls idol and babysitter who lived across the street moved all the way to Rochester last weekend. It was very sad and hard to explain to the girls. They LOVE Sam. They want to be like Sam. Everyday they would wait for Sam. She came by and said goodbye, played dress up and watched part of a movie with them. We explained to them that we would see her again but that she moved, like we did, far away and her house is now someone else's, much like ours.

Two doors down is Corrie. She's in her late 60's, lives with her Husband and is SO cool. Everyone loves Corrie. She's like Martha Stewart, up at the crack of dawn and ALWAYS and I mean ALWAYS working around her yard (which is nothing short of a wonderland), biking, walking, washing her car, up a latter trimming her enormous get the picture. She had a garage sale last week and the girls and Royce stopped by. She gave the girls some cool handmade dolls and Rasa has been talking about her ever since.

This morning Rasa woke up early and saw Corrie working in her yard from the window. She jumped up, put her clothes on and told me she was going to talk to Corrie. Rasa has a thing for older people. She doesn't like kids but she loves anyone who looks like a Gramma :) Adia was still sleeping so I stood on the front steps, told her to go and watched for 45 minutes while Rasa swept up almost enough courage to walk up to Corrie's door. Two steps forward, turn around, one step back. I finally hollered to Corrie that Rasa wanted to say good morning. Corrie said, "Well hello there! Good Morning!" Rasa came running home without so much as a word to Corrie. An hour later she wanted to try again. The same thing transpired, back in the house we went. Adia woke up and Rasa coaxed her to go with her. Hand in hand the two of them walked up and greeted Corrie. She brought them to her sunflower garden and showed them the flowers. My little girls came running home with handfuls of marigolds Corrie had let them pick.

The rest of the afternoon all they wanted to do was watch Corrie, visit Corrie, "what is Corrie doing in der?" "Where's Corrie?!".

Rasa asked if we could bake cookies for Corrie and bring them over to which I said yes. When we went to Target this afternoon she rememerbed and said we have to get stuff to make cookies for Corrie.

After dinner I baked cookies. Rasa watched them cook in the oven and the second I pulled them out told me to hurry up because she had to bring them to Corrie. This time I had Royce walk them over. I heard Corrie shout from across the street, "Oh my goodness!" when Rasa handed her the plate. They are still there visiting. Corrie assured me the girls could come over ANYTIME. I wonder if she has any idea what that means? Hahaha

Part of me wants to protect them and keep them from getting attached to Corrie because they are listing their house soon too so they can downsize. That's about me though. Keeping them from making a friend and having a friend, even for a short time, is wrong and the joy they seem to get out of each other is priceless no matter how long is lasts. Plus, sometimes you just never know.

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