Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Garden Girls!

We spent the morning yesterday down the road (literally) at Nanna and Papa's house. They have a great yard that's totally fenced in, has lots and lots of running room, gardens a plenty and best of all (according to my girls) there is a "cabin house"! They LOVE playing together in that cabin! It's tucked under the shade of a massive pine tree and all you hear when you're back there are birds chirping. The girls love looking for animals in the yard...almost as much as the "cabin house".

So yesterday was very warm and very sunny and we spent the entire morning there. Aside from playing in the cabin the girls explored under the trees, including under my own weeping willow that I planted with my dad when I was 8 or 9 years old, watched doves and birds, searched for bunnies and squirrels, gave Rasa's "tiny baby" a bath in the bird bath (see pics below), Adia petted and admired Nana's "turtle" in one of her gardens over and over and we had a popcorn snack before heading back home for naps.

For the girls it was a great morning filled with lots of imagination and possibilities, lots of exploration and wonder, and best of all good company.

For me nothing gives me more pleasure and enjoyment than photographing my little girls. I feel like my pictures can say more than I can express in words the beauty and affection I feel towards each of them. They are truly works of heart.


Royce said...

My little girls! For some reason that is hard for me to type. Everyday both of you amaze me to no end, momma has done one hell of a job!!!! Daddy loves you lots.

Anonymous said...

Perfect morning! Love all my girls!!