Thursday, June 9, 2011

To Adia and Rasa....

I don't know how to teach you to be kind, sensitive, loving and caring without just being that way and hoping you will see it and know that it is right and good. And even knowing that the consequence of it is the hurt that will likely come with opening your heart up, it's worth it. It will change you, sometimes forever, but you can trust that by opening yourself up you will be giving someone the most beautiful thing you have because you will be giving them a piece of yourself and the chance for them to see who you really are. What you really are is good and pure and wonderful.

I will always be a work progress but you teach me to be a better person by watching what I do. You have given me a world, no a universe, of depth and layers to my heart that I didn't even know existed before you. There is no sweeter sound than Momma on your lips and no sweeter feeling than your arms wrapped around my neck with my lips on your sweet soft cheeks.

I love how Adia's tiny hand wraps all the way around my index finger when we walk side by side both of our arms swinging together in motion. When I look down and you look up at me with sparkly clear blue eyes and smile and you say "hi momma" in the softest, lightest and sweetest voice ever known to man.

I love how Rasa's arms and legs hug around my torso and your head rests on my shoulder when we dance. I can feel your soft head of hair on my ear as I rest my head on yours. When we sing together and you whisper "again".

To say I love you doesn't paint the full picture of my sentiment towards each of you.

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