Tuesday, June 18, 2013

my goofs!

After the girls go to bed (around 8:30 every night now) they stay up in their room, each of them facing each other at the end of their beds) and they talk, sing and goof around for about 45 minutes before they fall asleep. Royce and I finally get some time to relax and enjoy each others company before we go to sleep at night and I love it, I really do. Every single night, even though it's always unplanned, we talk about the girls. They are so cool. I tell him things they said and did that day while he was at work and he tells me things they said and did while he was playing with them after dinner. It's funny because the newness of having children has sort of worn off. We feel like even though half the time we still don't always know what we're doing, we know THEM well. We don't have that hard time fathoming that we are parents and they are actually our own kids like we did in the early days. It's cool. Even cooler is that feeling of being overwhelmed with love for them remains the same, and I'm sure it always will.

Knowing who they are now it's even more exciting as we wonder, what will they "be". What things will excite them. What will they do.

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