Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Rasa Bea

Last night Rasa was standing in the kitchen peeling a little clementine while balancing on her tippy toes. She told me today at lunch the teachers were franticly peeling all of the hot lunch kids oranges because "they were hard to peel and the teachers kept saying if the kids peel them they'll spend their whole lunch peeling the orange and not have time to eat and then they'll be hungry".

I said, "It sounds to me like those teachers care an awful lot about you kids"

Rasa smiled and said, "yeah, they're teaching us to be grown ups"

This made my heart sad because it's actually true despite my efforts to keep them kids the world is kind of against you by always pushing forward too far into the future you can't hold on to today for even a second.

I looked at her standing there looking so grown up. I could picture her at 14 looking just exactly as she was standing there only bigger.

I said, "But don't grow up too fast, okay? It's REALLY special being a kid"

Rasa, "I already know that………plus, I want the moon to stay special"

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