Thursday, August 27, 2009

Pillow Talk

Royce and I often wonder what we did with all of our extra time we had before the twins were born. Who would have known we could survive on just a few hours of sleep at a time! We could have been so productive, we could have been having so much more fun!
Rasa keeps our family awake most nights. She sleeps in spurts and wakes loudly. Adia's getting better about sleeping through Rasa's cries which is good. Last night I awoke to Rasa babbling in my ear, "Ah ba ba ba ba" while moving her tiny jaw up and down. The glow of the moon through the cracks in the blinds lit up the room just enough for me to see her precious face. It's these things, the sweet memories of 2am pillow talk with Rasa, that make the daytime delirium so worth it!

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