Friday, August 28, 2009

First dinner out!

I have to say I was surprised that Royce thought the idea would even be fun, lunch out with the girls, out in public, in a REAL restaurant! We've been trying to get out to eat since the girls were about a month old but something always came up and it was never a good time. A friend of mine in CT has twin daughters and she talks all the time about eating out with her girls and I figured if she can do it - so can we.

We used to eat at Pizza Nea almost every week. It's a quaint little pizza place on East Hennepin in NE Minneapolis. I was delighted when we arrived that it was busy and loud. I figured this way if we had a freak out no one would even notice. Just to be safe we picked a table set way back in the corner but we're happy to report things went off without a hitch. It was fun and I think we might actually attempt it again soon!

Adia trying her first piece of pizza

Dad & Rasa

Mom & Adia

Clean plate club

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