Tuesday, October 6, 2009

9 months and counting!

Officially the girls have lived a few weeks longer in the world than they did in my belly! Nine months here we are! These past few months especially Rasa and Adia's personalities have really developed. It's been a joy to watch them turn from newborns into little people filled with so much personality. They both have a great sense of humor and show frustration and affection. They love to give us kisses and each other on a daily basis. Nothing is more sweet to me then to see my babies scoot over to each other and lean into a kiss while squealing and smiling at each other. To me their love for each other is almost as beautiful and amazing as our love for them. Their bond is one I plan to foster as they grow so they can understand the importance of each other in each of their lives and have a friend, a support, a sister to always be there.

Rasa Bea:

Four more teeth! My goodness this baby is going to have all of her teeth before her first birthday! I'm hoping she'll get a teething break soon for her sake poor baby.

Rasa LOVES to be read to. She looks closely at the pictures and loves to turn the pages. Her favorite book is Baby Animals (pop and touch book). She loves to feel the textures of the fake animal fur and has us reading it over and over to her while she wiggles her arms and legs on our laps. She also "reads" along with us while pointing to the animals.

She babbles almost non stop and loves to stare at our mouths when we're talking to her. When Royce calls I put the phone on speaker and yesterday she squealed "DADDA!". She smiles and waves her arms when she hears his voice.

Yesterday I taught her to give me five and she gets really exited when I praise her.

She's getting more independent but still loves to be in our arms the most. When she's tired she gets fussy but she just melts when I pick her up, cradle her in my arms and sing to her the Rasa song.
Oh my precious Rasa Bea I love you with every fiber of my being.


You will be hard pressed to find Adia without a mischievous smile on her face. She delights in...well, herself! She's got a huge sense of humor and loves to giggle. Last week I saw her scoot off and out of sight into the dinning room so I called her back to me. Nothing. I called her back again and walked over behind the chair where I see her watching my feet from under the chair smiling and when she sees me she roars into a belly laugh. She was hiding from me!

Adia's into EVERYTHING! She ends up under the jumpers, excersaucer, coffee tables, dinning room table and anywhere else she can crawl under. She crawls over Rasa constantly (despite Rasa's objection) and loves it when we set up little obstical courses for her out of pillows.

She's always trying to get at the dogs and protests every baby gate in the house by yelling and banging on them with her hands.

When I'm talking to company and we laugh Adia will join in out of nowhere. She's very social and likes to be the center of attention.

I'm enjoying that she's starting to take more breaks from her busyness to cuddle. She really enjoys being close to Rasa all the time and lately her favorite thing to do with Royce is lay on top of his belly while he teases and tickles her. I still have Adia nap on me after I put her to sleep in my arms because we both seem to look forward to it so much.

Adia you are my adventurous beauty. I love you so much it hurts.

Adia & Rasa ready for a trip to the coffee shop...caffeine has become a necessity for this Mommy.

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Lori said...

Lissa, you have a wonderful way with words! I love reading about your girls! It's amazing to hear you describe the differences in their personalities!