Tuesday, October 27, 2009

My loves

I have so much I need/want to write about but keep feeling guilty sitting and writing when there's so much that needs to be done around here! I'm not going to cram everything in tonight, or even write about the new things the girls are up to right now.

I just spent the day with my Mom (Gramma) and the twins walking a bit along the St. Croix River and shopping and dining in Stillwater, MN. Love everything about Stillwater! It was so neat to be there with the girls because last year at this very time my Mom and I went there for lunch and shopping when I was pregnant and picked up some darling things for the girls. At this time last year I felt the presence of their spirits and knew a lot more about them than I gave myself credit for. Thinking of that tonight gave me an overwhelming warmth in my heart because my life has changed so dramatically in the past year and my heart has exploded with love, admiration, joy and affection for my two precious gifts.

Rasa I love your beautiful big smile that makes your little nose wrinkle, your little toes and fingers that never stop touching, feeling and studying everything. The smell of your hair when you tuck your head under my chin and hold me tight. Your eyes are blue and deep like the ocean. Your soul is pure and affectionate. When you reach your arms up to me I scoop you up and never want to let you go, ever.

Adia you warm my soul. When I feel weary I look and you and you give me everything I need in your bright eyes and big smile. You are so brave. You yell for me to look, stop, smile and laugh with you. Your eyes are blue like the summer sky and your soul radiates warmth and love. I delight in your belly laughs, your tiny legs and feet that never stop walking, exploring, jumping and dancing. Your hair is golden with curls that feel like silk and pop out of nowhere. You make my heart so full.

Our lives are so rich and full because of you both. Everyday is an adventure and even with challenges that we face each day, at the end of the day my reflections feel the same. I'm completely absorbed in love for you.

camera phone pictures
Adia and Gramma in Stillwater

Rasa and Momma standing along the St. Croix river

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