Friday, January 29, 2010

1 Year Photos

Gramma had a Photographer, Jennifer Sime, come to my house to do a 1 year photo shoot of the girls a couple weeks ago (Thanks Gramma!). Jennifer is a lot of fun and her pictures speak for themselves. Rasa seemed to kind of get into it and had fun. Adia started to have a meltdown about a half and hour before Jennifer came so I was worried how she was going to do. Even though she cried nearly the entire time (thank you teething pain) somehow Jen managed to get a grip of picture of her without tears!

It was a bit of a workout trying to keep both girls in the six foot by six foot backdrop area, especially since they naturally move in opposite directions, but we managed ok and Jennifers VERY new and VERY expensive lights survived the twins.

Thank you Jennifer for the beautiful work. You are an amazing artist and a lot of fun too!

Rasa Bea!


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Lori said...

Gorgeous photos, and gorgeous girls!