Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy 1st Birthday Rasa & Adia


Rasa's feet 1 year ago.

Adia's feet 1 year ago.

Last night after we fed the girls Royce and I practiced singing the "It's Your Birthday" song and the girls were laughing and clapping. I almost started crying for a minute, not because they're a year old or because they're growing quickly but because the thought of them last year at this time is still a little heartbreaking for me. I didn't realize at the time how stressful and intense everything was but now looking back I'm overwhelmed because it was a series of the most life changing events that my world has ever had. Royce and I were standing next to each other looking at the girls and I said, "I think I might have a little bit of post traumatic stress from the past year". He smiled and quietly said, "Yeah I KNOW I'm not the same". We just stood there for a minute and said Wow. Wow it was.

Our little birthday party today with Gramma and Grampa for the girls.
The cake:

One of the gifts: Rody Horse!! She came all the way from Itay (and is the coolest thing in the world!)

Happy Birthday to the brightest stars my eyes have ever seen. Our lives are now complete because of you.

Special thanks to Gramma and Grampa G for making cake and celebrating with us today on the girls "real" birthday. The party is next weekend and I'll be posting a million pictures again next week :)


Anonymous said...

What a joy!! Happy Birthday again to 2 very special little girls!!

anaïs's mumma said...

happy birthday to those pretty stars!