Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Strawberry Fields Forever

One of the things I love love love about spring in MN is we finally get fresh local food again! Strawberries are in season right now and you can find them everywhere; farmers markets, co-ops and grocery stores stacked up ripe, bright red and super sweet! It's important to get them organic or without the use of pesticides. The beautiful fruit attracks a lot of bugs and worms so they tend to get sprayed heavily with pesticides. Both Adia and Rasa are obsessed with strawberries! I've been feeding them almost as many as they want but they can take down an entire container in twenty minutes (not exaggerating here)!! Thankfully neither girl is allergic or has any ill effects from eating so many.

I don't know what it is about feeding my little girls that gives me so much joy. I spend a lot of time thinking, planning and making sure they get a variety of foods that are healthy and balanced. Maybe that's why when I feed them fresh produce and they gobble it up I feel so good about it knowing the importance of nutrition on health and development. I think after many years of Royce and I finding great whole organic foods in co-ops and farmers markets and both of us seeing and experiencing how good you can feel just by eating right it makes me happy that I can pass that on to them. I love seeing Adia gobble tofu and grilled veggies and Rasa choose fruit over candy and ask for more and more rice milk.

I suppose it's just another one of those things when we try so hard to be good Mom's and we know we're doing what's right for our babes, and it works, it just feels good, plain and simple.

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