Saturday, June 19, 2010

Summer, summer, summer time

Wow I don't remember when it arrived but we sure are having a lot of fun!! Summer is in full swing and the girls are playing outside all day, staying up late, enjoying the sun, the sand, the water and summer treats! This year is SO very different from last summer when the girls were still just babies and Rasa was still in the midst of colic. We didn't even have a nap routine at that time! This year we've got such a groove and it's so easy! It's much more tiring chasing the two of them out of trouble every second but it's still fun!

Gymnastics started a couple weeks ago and the girls really have fun. Rasa has surprised us with her coordination! Today she wanted Royce to lift her up to the rings and she hung on by herself and swung back and forth! Adia runs up the lifted balance beams and doesn't even look at her feet! Today was fun because Adia JUMPED, actually JUMPED on one of the trampolines. Royce and I get to play and chase the girls around so it's really a lot of fun for all of us. Pictures will come, I promise!

This week has been action packed! We had a Gordon Girls Beach day and everyone had so much fun. There were eight of us total. The weather was perfect and even though Miss Mariah, my 14 year old niece was missed, all of the little girls had a blast! We ended up staying the entire day!

This weekend Royce's family arrived from South Carolina! The girls LOVE Royce's Sister Cassie, she's 12, and she loved pushing them in the wagon, in the cozy coupes, picking them up and carrying them around and giving them tons of attention. Adia wouldn't let her put her down! Royce's Dad is such a proud Poppa and loves his babies. The girls were drawn to him like they already knew him well. Debi my Mother-In-Law is so sweet and loves the girls and Rasa especially was really taken by her. They haven't seen the girls since they were 3 weeks old because they usually come up once a year. We sure miss them and always really look forward to seeing them when they visit.

It's getting late and it's been a busy day so it's clean up and snack time. I'm feeling emotional today to have such a loving and beautiful family spread across the country. Royce's Dad celebrated his 60th birthday on Thursday and is in recovery from small cell lung cancer, which at one point spread to his brain. God is good and he sure has taken care of us. We are rich with blessings.

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