Friday, October 29, 2010

Happy Halloween!

It's funny looking back to last years post here of our Halloween adventure and my almost 10 month olds in their fluffy chicken costumes. They don't seem too terribly different now from then. Their personalities are still very much the same. Of course this year they can walk on their own which is huge and almost as good as that they can say "trick or treat"! That can only mean one thing........we're going trick or treating! Better yet, my parents are having a Halloween party and all of the little cousins are coming so the kids are going to have a great time!!

So without further a-due I present to you my "pussy cat sleek and fat" x2 (Music Together "5 little mice")!
Well you knew they LOVE LOVE LOVE kitties and what could be cuter than two little twins in pink kitty outfits?

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Anonymous said...

NOTHING is cuter than these 2! MEOW!