Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Change is a brewin'

About three years ago Royce and I decided we wanted to buy a new home in St. Paul. We loved the house, the neighborhood and the fact that it was only blocks away from both of our work. We found a Realtor and he came over and drew up the paperwork to sell our current home. After the inspection came back on the house in St. Paul and the apprasial on our house was done we just didn't have great feelings about it. We decided to wait until the spring and look for something else. Luckily for us we did because the market crashed only a couple months later and the house we would have bought then would have dropped in value by $100k! Talk about an underwater investment.

Fast forward three years and here we still sit in our little two bedroom house that's now filled to the top with our expanded family (and the toys....oh Lord the toys!). Royce and I bought this place a year after we were married with the intention that we would sell it when we wanted a family. That was over 8 years ago now. While we're trying to make due we're finding it harder every day. The girls want to run and play and it's hard to have to drive or walk them to a park just so they can run around. Our "yard" is a plot of grass the size of our dining room with a rock bed and a tree. They run and play in the street (it's a dead end) for the most part which while it seems sort of sad they have plenty of fun! We are talking about moving again in the not so distant future. This time it would be much harder. We have more "stuff" and less time. It takes me four hours to do what used to take me a half an hour (thanks to you know who x2). My Parents, Sister and her family, Brother and his family all live within five miles of our current house. We drop by my parents house two or three times a week. I should add that that plan is to move across town back to Minneapolis or closer so that we can get in the district for the magnet school we want the girls to attend. It's a lottery out of district (assuming there are any spots left) so if we tried getting in from here our chances would be extremely slim.

Right now I'm just looking for direction and to honor my and Royce's feelings of what the right thing to do is. We really do have two years to move as far as registration is concerned but right now I'm feeling like I'd like to move within a year to get settled in and get the girls (and myself) into their new ecfe community and preschool.

Big decisions seem even bigger when you have little ones to think about. Of course the forefront for all of our decisions is doing what is the very best for Rasa and Adia. It's also a good reminder for me of something I've learned over and over again; things will work out just as they are supposed to.

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Anonymous said...

Oh Wow! Nana doesn't like change! LOL! But I will remind you also, everything will work out for your benefit, just as it has and will continue to be.