Tuesday, April 12, 2011

My Eeya

Lately Adia hasn't allowed me to take any photos of her. She runs away or gets mad when I pull my camera out (which ironically isn't all that often). I was having camera issues and needed to do some test pics so while Rasa was napping Adia and I went out to play for a bit.

Adia is such a little spitfire! She is NOT at all afraid to express herself. She screams with glee while jumping with her arms in the air and she will throw herself on the ground kicking and screaming when she's mad. Yesterday when we were outside it was beautiful, sunny and 70 degrees so I set up the water table. As I was pouring water in it I spilt one tiny little drop that landed on her foot. Her arms went up in the air and with a disgusted look she stares right into my eyes and yells "UGH COME ON!!!!". When Adia was a day or two old one of the nurses in the NICU said, "She knows what she wants and she's not afraid to say it". Adia was the only baby in there on her tummy in the isolate (normally they tell you to keep newborns on their backs but the babies in NICU have heart and breath monitors on so if something went wrong the alarms would go off). She wanted to be on her tummy and if you touched her or moved her when she didn't want you to she would belt out a mad scream as a warning! If you continued to mess with her she would scream and get red in the face while flailing her arms and legs. Even at a day or two old she was doing this!

She is wild but she is quiet and sweet too. She has no fear, NONE at all, I mean zero fear. It scares me to death as she runs full force into everything but at the same time I appreciate that courage and fearlessness because growing up I was a very cautious kid and was afraid to try new things. That changed eventually but those roots are still there with me and it limits me in certain aspects. Adia will learn how to use her personality to her advantage, I am very sure because she already is. I can only hope to be on the sidelines with a net trying to keep her from getting hurt while at the same time allowing her to see where her limits are.

The truth is with Adia the crystal ball says we're in for it so try to relax and hold on!

She allowed me to snap a few pictures before getting so caught up in play that she didn't notice any longer. My favorite pictures of the girls are always the ones I do without them noticing I'm shooting them.

While I've never been a fan of the cheesy smiling kid pics this one is soooooo Adia and soooooo her personality that I love it to pieces.

Planning her next move forgetting I'm even there....

This next one is one of my favorites. I'm not sure exactly way but I love serious and dramatic photographs of children. Its like they capture their intelligence and their innate wisdom instead of the playful silliness we always see. Children are so simple but so brilliant at the same time.

We call Adia "Eeya" sometimes for short because when Rasa first learned to say her name it would come out "Eeya" and it just sort of stuck.

Oh and my camera is busted up again and since Nikon repair takes ages and the busy season has begun my very supportive Hubby persuaded me to buy a new one. I'm so glad I did but I upgraded to a new model and am back on the learning curve again. Hopefully you'll see some new pictures in the future that show off some of my new cameras abilities!

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