Thursday, April 7, 2011

Well Hello To You Too

Amazing, amazing, amazingly beautiful day here today! Sun shinning, almost 60 degrees, lots of smiles on our faces!
The girls and I had a busy day and got a wonderful fill of sunshine and fresh air! So what that all three of us have allergies, the sneezing and watery eyes couldn't slow us down on a day like today!

After "supper" we did our old summer rhythm of playtime outside and a long walk. I've missed that SO much but with cold dark winters we just aren't able to do it until spring. As Royce and I walked next to each other behind the stroller the girls laughed in unison, shouted in unison and sang in unison. They are the most perfect little pair, the yin and the yang the two of them!

The girls were caught up in their conversation and Royce and I in our own and then there was a tiny break and a split second of silence. Rasa turned around peeked over the back of the stroller at Royce and I, smiled and said, "Hi People!" followed by belly laughs out of both of them.

Spring, you took your sweet time but I'm SO glad you are here!


nigel and rachel said...

you paint a beautiful picture with your words

Royce said...

So very thankful for the outside!