Monday, November 5, 2012

voting day.....

Election time! Tomorrow is the big election day and while I don't like to publish political propaganda I want you girls to know how important it is for you to get out and vote when you turn 18. Change isn't instant, it never will be, but we vote to move things in the right direction.

There are many things that we're voting on this election and one is to vote YES or NO to ban the possibility of same sex marriage in the future. Your Dad and I are adamantly against the proposal to eliminate any further debate to happen regarding same sex marriage. We believe anyone in a committed relationship has a right to marriage and the benefits attached to that status. You will be in school with other kids from families that are made up of parents who are biological, adoptive, single parents, two dads, two Mom's and lots of other combinations. All families are just as important as yours is. A family is a family no matter how it came to be. Your moral responsibility is to accept people for the good they do, for the way they make you feel, for the friendship they bring to you and know that we are all equals. We are happy to be in a community that's filled with a lot of different kinds of people. That's what makes everyone so fun and unique (like you!)! We will always stand up for equality and promise, for your sake, to always vote against anything that is not conducive to that.

You both will walk with me down the street to the school tomorrow to stand in line and vote with me. I'm voting for you.

we did it! Adia cried all the way home because she wanted to be able to vote herself. I promised we could make ballots at home to practice with so in the 2028 election she would know exactly what to do!

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