Wednesday, November 28, 2012

first day of SCHOOL!!

It's been a crazy past couple of days!

Kindergarten screening went well. It was funny to hear the girls answer some questions to things with their spin on them ie "have you ever been to the zoo?" "No!" or "what animals do you see on a farm?""baby piggies...I want a baby piggie...a real one" lol!

Both girls passed with flying colors (even Adia who got bored and refused to continue on with half of the test!). Rasa's chart says she's developing wonderfully and was enthusiastic. Adia's said she seems to be developing normally (stubborn little turkey!).After talking to the screener we decided putting the girls in school right away would help them feel more independent and brave when it comes to interacting with new people and playing with other kids comfortably. We start PreK next year so we agreed getting them used to a school setting would only help to ease them into PreK. So.....

TODAY we started school! The girls preschool teacher Anne is wonderful and sweet. The teachers aid was warm and loving (she's older so the girls call her Gramma teacher). There are 13 kids in their class, mostly boys but two other girls. They were happy to have more girls in the class! The really nice thing is all of the other kids seem to be respectful of each others space and right in the middle of the energy spectrum which works well for my quiet kids.

It was all a little overwhelming to ME. We walk in, found the classroom, took coats off and washed hands and then I had to leave. Kids are expected to find their names on the desk place mats and sit and wait for instruction. Anne greats each child individually and children are expected to greet her.

We read Llama Llama Misses Momma before we went so we could talk about how I would be leaving them in class without me. Both girls did really well with me leaving. Rasa apparently got sad after I left but recovered quickly according to her teacher. I left them sitting at their desk with playdoh and walked away. I teared up but held it together. I was worried my babies would cry for me and that I wouldn't be there for them as I always had to hug them and tell them everything would be ok. They've grown and they did just fine.

When I came back to their class Rasa was bouncing on the floor with her hand on the teachers shoulder laughing at a book the teacher was reading her. Adia sat in between two other kids reading a book. They looked so happy, so big! My heart smiled. They're so ready for this. Good for them.

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Royce said...

My wonderful 3 superstars! Great job Momma, Adia and Rasa!!!