Friday, February 22, 2013

life is so daily.....

I've been seriously neglecting this blog. I feel bad about it. We've been having lots of fun times but it seems like they aren't "firsts" anymore so part of me feels like I can skip over it. Except, all of the sudden I don't have many words here recapping what the girls have been up to.

School is going extremely well. It's the highlight of their life right now. They are in love with their teacher and are having fun making friends (only with the girls because they tell me boys are yucky....I have never once said that to them!). Their teacher commented to me that she's never seen twins stick together so closely. I personally think that's wonderful. They stick up for each other too and at times (there are 11 boys to 4 girls in class) the boys get wild, especially in gym, and they need to!

We are anxiously awaiting to hear back from the PreK school we selected to see if the girls got in (hurry up March!). It's a small school with a wait list and even though there's a chance we may not, it's too perfect for them to not work out. I have good feelings everything will. The school is a montessori/waldorf mix and so homey and lovely. The teachers are wonderful, both artists and absolutely love what they do.

We've been going to Mall of America a lot lately. It's only 4 miles down the road and gives us a place to run around when it's so cold. We went to Sea Life with Nana about a month ago and have been there with just Royce and the girls many times. Disney store is their favorite :) Adia is way into Sea creatures so she still talks about Sea life and the sharks. We've been to the zoo and Edina's big huge indoor playground this week. Both of those days according to the girls were the most fun days EVER :) We were given a gift certificate to visit the Ice Castles by the creator himself who lives across the street from us. It was fun, the girls REALLY enjoyed it and Royce and I appreciated the art and heart involved in the making of it especially after hearing first hand the blood sweet and tears involved. We had brunch with Uncle Chad, Mimi and cousin Haley and all of us toured the sculptures together.

Even though we got six inches of snow today we can tell Spring is on it's way. The days are longer and the robins are here. The girls have been talking a lot about waiting for summer so they can run barefoot and swim....OH YEA those are my girls! We will....soon enough....ALL SUMMER LONG!

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Royce said...

So many good things, so many reasons to smile. More daylight each day, here we come spring!!